Goal-Oriented Git (Beta)


We use Git for a reason: to safely store the history of our documents. This practical book will teach you how to record the changes you make to your files, and how to use that record as a powerful tool for collaboration and problem solving.

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Who is this book for?

Goal-Oriented Git is targeted at complete Git beginners. If you want to learn how to use Git without worrying too much about what's going on under the hood, then this book is for you. Maybe you've just joined a team using Git as their version control system and aren't quite sure how to navigate, or maybe you know just enough to be dangerous.

Predictably, we'll focus on achieving goals in your project. Every chapter will take something that Git can do for you—from tracking changes, to searching your files, to collaborating with others—and explain practically how to achieve that goal. We won't just stick to the basics: the goal of this book is to teach you a working set of Git commands that can get you through most day-to-day situations.

Table of Contents

Getting Started

  • Goal: Get set up
  • Goal: Track changes
  • Goal: Understand what is being tracked
  • Goal: Make beautiful commits
  • Goal: Write beautiful commit messages

Using history

  • Goal: Read the history
  • Goal: Refer to commits
  • Goal: Understand a change
  • Goal: Searching the repository
  • Goal: Undo changes

Branching (In-progress, unreleased)

  • Introduction
  • Goal: Create a branch
  • Goal: Compare branches
  • Goal: Combine branches
  • Goal: Move branches
  • Goal: Delete branches

Collaboration (In-progress, unreleased)

  • Introduction
  • Goal: Add a remote
  • Goal: Publish changes
  • Goal: Retrieve changes

was written by

George Brocklehurst.

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Goal-Oriented Git (Beta)